3 tips to avoid working from home burnout

3 tips to avoid burnout when working from home

During 2019, working from home started to become available for office workers on an ad-hoc basis. As 2020 broke and the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, hard, this changed overnight.

Millions of employees around the world have had to make a sudden and unprecedented shift to remote work. Many find themselves feeling like they need to work all the time to signal their devotion and productivity. This results in some people struggling to create healthy work/home boundaries.

Even more than before, afternoons will blend with evenings, and weekdays will combine with weekend days, leaving a sense of limited time off.

This quickly leads to burnout when working from home. Worst of all it can make you feel that it is never ending, which makes the whole situation feel worse.

So, how can we “leave our work at the door” if we are no longer going out the door?

Research shows it will be necessary to:

  1. maintain physical and social boundaries
  2. preserve limits on how you use your time
  3. focus on your most important work

This simple guide gives advice on how you can “leave your work at the WFH door”