End User Cyber video

End User Cyber Fundamentals

This online video teaches about end-user security risks related to everyday online activities such as using email, social media, storing data on public cloud, and using IoT devices.

The video analyses the security and privacy risks end-users should know to recognise threats like online scams, typosquatting, spoofed websites, and others to keep themselves and their organisations safe.

End-User awareness training is a priority for any organisation and company regardless of its size. It helps the employee to understand the existing security risks and concerns and it cultivates a proactive behaviour to detect and prevent attacks before they happen. Humans are the “weakest link” in the cyber chain, so attackers can prey on the flaws of human nature to target an organisation/system.

Security infrastructure can be high-end, yet a simple click on a link sent in an email can cause a breach of millions of pounds. Therefore, end-user awareness training is one of the most important steps for successful system implementation.

Awareness training helps management as well as employees of an organisation to understand the security risks in the information system, to recognise the threats, and to learn how to properly respond to them.

It covers different topics related to end-user cyber fundamentals. You will learn best practices on how to navigate the Internet in a secure manner for safe internet browsing, social media use, public cloud storage risks, and IoT Internet of Things security concerns.

End-user awareness training should be performed regularly in every company to include the employees in the security program of the organisation to mitigate threats, attacks, and breaches of valuable company data and assets.

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