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Do you work from Home?
How to Set up a Great Home Office

Do you work from home? Just a day or two a week, or longer, having the right environment is vital.

Just because you don’t have a lot of space, doesn’t mean you have to work hunched over your coffee table. Here’s how to carve out a workspace when space itself is at a premium.

When most people envision working from home, they picture a well-lit, spacious home office. Your fantasy office might have a sleek desk and a high-tech ergonomic chair. Or maybe an antique oak desk and a cushy leather chair is more your style.

But when you look around your flat or cluttered house, you quickly have to come to terms with reality.

  • Is there even enough room for a real desk?
  • How much work can you really get done on your couch?
  • Maybe you should just work while sitting on your bed, the way you did homework in university or college?

The possibility of carving a home office out of a tiny living space may seem impossible. But with some creativity and resourcefulness, you can build an office space that will help you enjoy working from home even more.

Here’s how to do it.