Project Management Office - PMO

PMO - The Project Management Office

In today's enterprise workplace, the PMO team act as the backbone of a successful project management approach and delivery.

 They offer support and guidance to project teams and Project Managers, and they develop the right metrics on the practice of project management and its execution within an organisation. The main point of a PMO is to standardise project delivery practices and introduce economies of repetition throughout a project or programme implementation.

As you read this page, you might be asking yourself:

  • “What will our company gain from having a successful and bespoke PMO?”
  • “Isn’t this just process for process sake that will slow down our project delivery?”
  • “This sounds like it will be costly to implement and unproductive at the same time?”

We’re sure that you have other questions too, but below are some of the main benefits that a PMO could bring to your business.

Project Management Office PMO - monthly meeting

What are the benefits of having a dedicated PMO function available to your business?

    • Governance – (a core benefit) as it makes sure that the right decisions are being made by the right people, based on the correct information. Good governance will free up a lot of lost time and energy of project managers and teams, allowing them to concentrate on the operational tasks. Part of the management includes auditing and peer reviews, assisting with developing a robust project structure and making sure there is accountability.
    • Transparency – providing information that is relevant, up-to-date and accurate supports effective decision-making. By applying best practices and minimising errors, project risk is effectively managed, while optimising overall efficiency project.
    • Repeatable – a library of information and proven processes gathered from previous projects. For example, lessons learned [so often ignored], persistent risks within your business, or known issues that must be avoided. Consistency of documentation, templates for reporting and best practices – why “reinvent the wheel” with each project?
    • Delivery Support – to facilitate project teams and promote efficient information flow and communication not only across the project but the entire organisation. A PMO team can streamline process delivery and bureaucracy, offer training, mentoring and provide quality assurance. All critical pieces to ensure your projects are delivered on-time, in scope and within budget.

Setting up a robust PMO (Project Management Office) isn’t easy. It requires a solid understanding of your business, in combination with careful integration planning, so you get the maximum benefits.

  • With our knowledge and capability, we can guide you through the process. At GKS Consultants, our team can assist with building up your PMO team and add value to your programmes and projects.
  • Assist in working out the best method or methods that will increase your project throughout.
  • Implement a standard methodology that fits your team’s capabilities and the business requirements.
  • Introduce effective, repeatable project management processes.
  • Assist in selecting supporting toolsets that work alongside your new delivery processes.

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A Project Management Office (PMO) is 'a group or department within a business, agency or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organisation.  The PMO strives to standardise and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects.'

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