IT support teams must react with speed and agility.

Does your IT Delivery do the same?

IT support teams have to react to a varied and rapidly changing landscape daily, yet more often than not, project management and IT delivery teams fail to keep up.

With every business needing to increase its speed of response to an ever-changing world, maintaining strong Project and IT Delivery Management for IT and Business Change is vital.

Think about Covid-19 and the rate of changes that brought about for everyone!

The problem is that most small to medium-sized companies don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated IT Delivery or Project Manager, let alone a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO).

This is where the people at GKS Consultants can help you. Our team can support you by providing back-filled services that cover these areas:

  • Interim IT Management (e.g. Head of IT, Head of IT Operations, Head of IT Service Operations).
  • Technical Project Management (i.e. Project Support, Senior Project Manager, Programme Management).
  • Project Management Offices (i.e. get a solid and repeatable project delivery process in place)
  • IT Asset Management

Our experienced team, some with over 30 years of IT experience, are well aware that managing an IT or Technical Project team requires skills that a typical non-IT management role may not have encountered.

Regardless of the required discipline, if your business does not have a solid understanding of all the moving pieces, a robust delivery process is going to be complicated and inefficient.

So if your business could do with additional IT Management or Project Management support, give us a call to see how we can help.

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PRINCE2 methodology - one form commonly used
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Full cycle SDLC - team in action
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IT Delivery and Project Management Services

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Interim IT Delivery and Operational Management

GKS Consultants have highly qualified and experienced IT Delivery, Operational and Infrastructure managers who are ready to help your IT department increase their value to your business.

Read on to learn more about our IT Management services.

Project Management & Project Management Office (PMO)

Are you struggling to get a vital or troublesome project completed?

Do you need an extra pair of hands from an experienced PM?

GKS Consultants can help to develop your Project Management Office (PMO) or Project Portfolio Management (PPM) structure.

Read on to learn more about our PMO and Project Management services.

Kanban project management method
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IT Asset Management - vital to help control cost base
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IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is a highly overlooked area of IT. When it is allowed to get out of hand, it can become a costly process to recover.

Knowing what asset’s your business has makes the allocation of equipment with the right licenced software quicker and simpler.

Do you know where and what all your IT assets are? Do you know when renewable assets, such as software licences, are due and how much to budget for each year?

Would you like one of our specialists to help get yours under control and remove that headache?



A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working on it.